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The language exchange program we offer is a possibility of intercultural learning, which gives our customers the opportunity to learn or practice your language with a native speaker at home, sharing the culture and customs.

This is a unique cultural experience, through which there is a mutual enrichment, both the client that is integrated into our culture as the group who receives it.

Native youth participants are interested in living an intercultural experience and knowledge, through trade, culture and customs of the members of the program

The commitment on our part is a dedicated 3 hours a day the exchange of language during the day throughout your stay, the minimum duration it´s 1 week, starting every Monday of the year

The advantages of this type of learning situation is that you can agree on the kind of things to do, the important points to learn to focus on them.

The aim of this teaching method is not formally taught a class in an institute or academy. The exchanges will take place mainly in an informal and relaxed, with emphasis on conversation and communication through real situations.

As this program is ideal for the characteristics of our accommodation for families who want to make a first contact with the Spanish language, giving added value to their leisure time.

If you are interested fills the form below  with the duration of your stay, number of people who are going to participate in the program and the date you wish to exchange, we will respond with the availability of the program, accommodation and the total price.

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